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The Argonauts – Maggie Nelson



An intrepid voyage out to the frontiers of the latest thinking about love, language, and family.
A timely and genre-bending memoir that offers fresh and fierce reflections on motherhood, desire, identity and feminism.
At the centre of The Argonauts is the love story between Maggie Nelson and the artist Harry Dodge, who is fluidly gendered. As Nelson undergoes the transformations of pregnancy, she explores the challenges and complexities of mothering and queer family making.


I was quite desperate when I began this book. Desperate because I seem to have been unable to pick good books for the past few weeks… So I just went for this one that was supposed to be a must-read. I was quite dubitative at first but I gave it a shot and… THANK GOD ! A good and smart book at last !!!

The Argonauts is a really smart and complex book about love, identity, and gender fluidity. Maggie Nelson first explains through a lot of intellectual references how language can mean so much through the metaphor of the Argo (hence the title the Argonauts) :

“A day or two after my love pronouncement, now feral with vulnerability, I sent you the passage from Roland Barthes by Roland Barthes in which Barthes describes how the subject who utters the phrase “I love you” is like “the Argonaut renewing his ship during its voyage without changing its name.” Just as the Argo’s parts may be replaced over time but the boat is still called the Argo, whenever the lover utters the phrase “I love you,” its meaning must be renewed by each use, as “the very task of love and of language is to give to one and the same phrase inflections which will be forever new.”

I really love auto-fiction and how I could relate and learn from Maggie’s experiences. How to build an opinion on subjects that never brought my attention before but, even though all of this was interesting, I didn’t totally like the main character. I mean, she’s pretty sure about what is and what should be and maybe it is cynical but the way she started this book, trying to catch the reader’s attention with all this « ass-fucking descriptions » didn’t really worked for me. She has so much more to say… She didn’t have to try to be so « transgressive » to show bold authenticity.


This book was necessary. Really well written and full of references. A best-seller for good reasons I guess and I really enjoyed this discovery. If you guys are into authentic queer art : go see Nanette on Netflix by the incredible Hannah Gadsby !

My grade :


Date parution : 04/16
ISBN : 9780993414916
Nb de pages : 184 pages