Not a « what if » situation anymore

We often reach this point in a distopian series where we wonder what we would do in this situation. What would we do if women were deprived of basic human rights ? What would we do if a bunch of white old men would casually treat women like living wombs ? What would we do if women were taken away their rights to read, to write, to breathe? What would we do during this slow and scary revolution to dictatorship ?
Would we turn a blind eye on it? Would we tweet about it? Would we discuss it on dinners among friends? Would we stand together and protest on the streets?
Well. I wish it could only have been a « what if » situation, a random train of thoughts and a wild escape in our imagination but it is not a « what if » situation anymore. Today, in America, doctors can actually go to jail for performing abortions, woman face prison if not death for it. Rapists face less consequences than their victims. This is not just « another bad news » among the bad news. This is clearly war on women. And America is next door. Let’s wake up and not allow any longer our basic rights to be challenged. As much as I love reading and watching The Handmaid’s Tale by the brilliant Margaret Atwood, let’s not make it our reality. Humanity can do better. We can do better.

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