Harry Potter and the Cursed Child – JK Rowling


« The eighth story. Nineteen years later »



Let’s ride the Hogwart Express one more time!

Potter and I go way back! The mere fact of touching the cover of this new volume gave me the chills. True story. I used to have a whole ritual around the release of each HP book you know? My mom would get up at dawn and wait in front of the bookshop so I could get my copy as soon as I woke up. I would manage to “fortunately” get sick so I would miss school and read in my bed the new Harry Potter’s adventures. Best sick-days ever. Well, now I’m a grown-up and I don’t get to miss school to read a book but for Harry, I sure would make an exception.

Needless to say that I was insanely happy (and it’s an understatement) when I heard about The cursed child, the script of a play that takes place 19 years after and makes Albus Severus Potter, Harry’s son, the new protagonist of the story. Some (haters much??) would argue that this volume is not a “real Harry Potter” since it’s a play but even if it needs some adjusting for the reader at the beginning; the story quickly carries us away. I will only pitch the book and genuinely won’t say much because it would just be mean to spoil you the secrets JK Rowling revealed in this book (and trust me there are a bunch of them!).

We happen to find our heroes right where we left them, on the platform of King’s cross, Albus worried-sick about getting sent to Slytherin and his father reassuring him. All was well.

And then all was not. Indeed, it’s not easy to be one’s father’s son, all the more when one’s father is “the boy who lived”. Through his first years at Hogwarts, Albus suffers from the constant comparison with his father and wishes his peers wouldn’t consider him as a failure. Somehow, he blames Harry, this hero that won’t seem to understand him.

Until one day, a 14-year old Albus overhears a conversation between Amos Diggory and Harry. Amos had been begging for an interview with Harry for a few months because he had heard about a rumour that the Ministry of Magic possesses one last time turner (they were supposed to have been all destroyed after the war) and he begs Harry to use it to bring back Cedric, his son, his everything. Because Cedric was not supposed to die, he was just a spare after all. Harry refuses since he knows the risks of messing with the timeline.

Albus, outraged by the disinterest of his father in this matter decides with his best friend, Scorpius Malfoy, to find the last remaining Time Turner and save Cedric but everything won’t go as planned (the least we can say)…


This is not a secret. I am crazy about Harry Potter in a way that might respond to medication. Always have been, always will be. Though, it’s the good kind of crazy. It’s the kind that makes me believe that in the darkest times one can find the light. It’s the kind that makes my imagination go wild and my dreams become so full of magic. It’s the kind that makes my eyes go from a lighter to a streetlamp and think … What if ?

Thank you Mrs Rowling for making us muggles, believe.


« After all this time ? – Always », to read while listening to « Arrival of the birds »

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Date parution : 31/07/16
ISBN : 9781338099133
Nb de pages : 352 pages


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